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Steam Launch Firefly II REDUCED

For Sale

The price is $15,000 as is.

Please contact me on 0421 954 114. Located in Central Victoria

It is with regret that I am putting my steam launch Firefly II up for sale. This 18ft launch has a ply hull with a planked deck. The hull needs some TLC on the deck where the weather has damaged it, quite repairable. The hull is in good condition and has been fibre glassed on the inside. The boiler is a Rod Martin built wet leg VFT and is in good condition. The engine is a 1911 Simpson Strickland compound engine, 2" + 4" x 2 1/2" compound.

This is the smallest compound engine built by Simpson Strickland and was delivered to the Queensland University. It was ordered as a special which meant that it was different as it was a test engine. In this case it had no reversing gear, no water pump and no vacuum pump. I have fitted Stephenson's reversing and a water pump to it. The boat is sitting on a tandem trailer and both boat and trailer are registered. The engine is out of the boat at the moment and all needs a good cleanup.

It comes with all accessories, including life jackets.

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