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Steam Launch "Puffin"



Hull: Based on the hull of a Lightweight Sharpie sailing dinghy. The hull was gutted and the topsides raised by approximately 300mm in the bow and 100mm aft. The hull is fibreglass and the topside extensions were strip planked WRC, fibreglassed inside and out. The deck is plywood and has a 100mm high laminated combing.

Dimensions: Length 6m Beam 1.525m Draft 0.6m Engine: Tiny Power 'W'. Twin simple double acting. 2 ins + 2 ins x 2.25 ins. Propeller is 15 inch dia, approx 23 inch pitch. The engine has a combined boiler feed pump and Vacuum pump both gear driven off the shaft at 50% engine speed.

The boiler is an all copper Bolsover type. Boiler is uncertified but has been built to comply with the miniature boiler code. The boiler is gas fired and burns approximately 2kg/hr. Boiler water is provided from a hotwell. Steam is condensed via a copper pipe running beside the keel.

Other equipment:- Electric boiler water feed pump, Steam injector for boiler feed, Battery, Electric Bilge pump, Electric Running lights, Steam whistle. All the required safety gear for cruising in partially sheltered water as defined by Maritime Safety Queensland. The boat is on a 2-wheel braked trailer, which is Queensland registered.

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