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Steam Boat "Wantok"

For Sale

Price is $17500 negotiable

Jim Long 0400209803

Built by Mick O’Shea and Jim Long, completed 2022. Built to a modified Selway Fisher design and 5.2 metres long.

Hull is strip planked with Paulownia timber, fibre glassed outside and inside. Keel is Jarrah.

Deck is mainly Canadian Cedar over ply.

The boiler is of Ofeldt design with LPG fired burner producing ample steam to run the engine at 70psi.

The Engine was built by Mick O’Shea and is a single cylinder double acting with Stevensons Link reversing gear. The engine also drives a double acting feed pump with Keel condenser and exhaust jacket feed water pre-heater.

The trailer is factory built, hot dipped galvanised U channel with an extendable tow bar. Email me for pics.

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