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SL Lady Lyn

For Sale

$20,000 as is where is (Hobart)

Brian 0417 105 002. More details available on request.

Lyn Lady Lyn is a restored (rebuilt) 20ft Huon Pine timber carvel hull of 6’6” beam. The hull has not been sheathed and has been traditionally maintained, caulked and varnished. She is powered by a Strath Steam “Warrego” single cylinder with Stevenson’s Link Reversing. The boiler is a Strath Steam Vertical fire tube boiler and has been dry stored with all plugs out. The boiler is fed with a hypro pump driven off the main shaft, the back-up feed is with an injector fed from a make-up tank forward. There is an external condenser that returns feed water to the hotwell tank. The engine has also been turned over regularly whilst in storage. As the traditional hull has not seen water for some time, expect some caulking renewal and a soaking to take up the seams. Includes all accessories and a registered trailer.

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